What will be your next phone after the Desire??

  1. zafonic

    zafonic Well-Known Member

    I have had my Desire since April of last year. I will be looking for a new Android phone in the next 2 to 3 months, and the one I really like the look of presently is the Sony Ericsson Arc.

    Are some of you already planning to replace your Desire with something new, and if so with what??

  2. rasobey

    rasobey Well-Known Member

    Personally not going anywhere near SE after the Xperia X10 fiasco (soo please it was delayed and I got the Desire instead).

    But there's nothing interesting out there at the moment. If I was forced to replace my Desire today..? Desire HD, or Desire Z. Nothing else comes close imo.
  3. Moh1336

    Moh1336 Member

    Mine's only a month or so old so not looking. But if I was going to upgrade now it would either be the DHD or HTC Inspire 4G.
  4. chris 290

    chris 290 Well-Known Member

    Tempted by the lg optimus 2x myself. I like the idea of hdmi out for quick web browsing on a large tv.

    My dilemma is do I do a phone upgrade or buy an upcoming tablet. Don't think I can do both...

    In many ways with hdmi out im leaning towards updating phone but an android tablet is tempting.
  5. czechplastik

    czechplastik Well-Known Member

    I Bought a Nexus S a few weeks ago, worth considering, it's awesome!
  6. diS

    diS Well-Known Member

    I don't think I'll be replacing my Desire soon but if I had to I would go for the upcoming Motorola Atrix :)
  7. Eris Ed

    Eris Ed Well-Known Member

    If I had to replace my phone today........ hard to say. The Desire HD would be an obvious choice but I like the 3.7" screen more than a 4.0"+ screen - easier to use in one hand.

    I guess it would probably be a coin toss between the Nexus S and the Desire HD, and I'd have to get used to the screen size ;)
  8. czechplastik

    czechplastik Well-Known Member

    The Nexus S can be used with one hand easily. I personally think the DHD is a little too big.
  9. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    The MOTO 4g atrix and laptop dock looks amazing (thanks for the link lector)

    4g though. May not get a uk release

  10. Juint

    Juint Active Member

    Atrix 4g or Nexus S, whichever gets launched in canada first.
  11. LECTER

    LECTER Well-Known Member

  12. Mubble

    Mubble Well-Known Member

    +1 for the Atrix.

    One of my best friends is head of Android product development for Motorola and I had a play with this phone over xmas and it's stunning.

    Can't wait to get one.
  13. Euphobia

    Euphobia Active Member

    I've still got about 18-19 months left on my contract, in which time superphones will be plentiful, so it's hard to say really.
  14. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    I thought that as I typed it you know? ;)
  15. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Technically, you're a +2 ;)
  16. moe3754

    moe3754 Well-Known Member

    Well I really have not replaced my Desire but supplemented it with the Dezire Z that I ordered today, I wanted to give it a little vacation for awhile and see what the fuss was all about with the Desire Z plus I like the keyboard also.So replace no just put away for awhile, it will always be one of the best phone's I have ever owned, even better than the Nexus One that I had!!!:D So hopefully this will prolong the lifetime of my Desire!!
  17. Slash3040

    Slash3040 Well-Known Member

    I'll have this until the end of the year so I'll see what's out then
  18. GSMGuy

    GSMGuy Well-Known Member

    Due for an upgrade in a few weeks (Feb) So... Hmmm...

    Quite liked the HTC Win7 phone, but after getting one as an upgrade for Daughter, I DO NOT like the OS, although the one piece alloy body is nice, and the speakerphone is much improved...

    Am leaning towards the Desire HD at the mo, not a fan of SE or Motorola and my prev Samsung Omnia HD, although good, was blighted by buggy and slow software releases/updates..

    One thing for certain, it will be another Android, and thats for sure...

  19. Anthony1

    Anthony1 Well-Known Member

    I got my Desire last April, Contract free. I thought it was the perfect phone for me at the time, and couldn't imagine replacing it for a long time. The Desire HD and the Desire Z, as well as many other subsequently released phones, didn't interest me, but after an initial 'meh' response to the Nexus S I realised I was starting to get cravings about having one :)

    Replaced my Desire with one yesterday. No regrets.
  20. czechplastik

    czechplastik Well-Known Member

    I felt the same way you did, the Z and HD didn't do anything for me, glad you're happy with your choice, see you on the NS boards!
  21. zafonic

    zafonic Well-Known Member

    I quite like the look of the LG Optimus Black with that lovely Nova display. At the moment its between the Sony Ericsson Arc and the LG Optimus Black.

    KING LUFF Well-Known Member

    Had mine since April last year and when i upgrade it will only be to something Dual Core and stock android (whatever that is by then) in answer to your question, probably the successor to the Nexus S!
  23. DesireMe

    DesireMe Well-Known Member

    Not sure, this thread has been an eye-opener with the LG. I was only this morning thinking, hmmm, i'm not playing with my phone as much, wander what will be out soon/next. I've had it nearly a year, still a while to go, but my G/F wants one come April, so a swap might be available.
  24. Schizzy

    Schizzy Member

    Ive been thinkin the exact same thing, due for an upgrade in a month, went into some phone shops and all they could recommend was the DHD,
    The problem with looking at stuff from CES is that it may never be released in the UK.
    Im leaning towards the SE Arc, awesome looking phone, and shouldnt suffer as much from updates due to the having the mediascape and timescape as seperate applications rather than part of the OS this time.
  25. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Wow, all these people with 1 year contracts is making me jealous. Will be another 1 year for me.

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