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What will happen to my imported AMAZE when ICS is released?Support

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  1. GerryAttrick

    GerryAttrick Member

    I have an HTC Amaze that I imported. I believe it was originally bound for a Canadian carrier but it is unlocked and runs fine on my carrier Telecom NZ.

    Telecom NZ have never offered this phone so I am wondering what will happen and whether I will get ICS for my phone. I thought the OTA update would come via the carrier but thats not going to happen in my case...unless like ET the Amaze phones home (to HTC ) for the update.

    Am I correct and if so is there another way to get ICS for my phone - from HTC maybe?

    Sorry if this sounds like a basic question but I have never had an update on any of my previous phones before so don't know what happens.

  2. ChromeJob

    ChromeJob Well-Known Member

    I'm not certain, but I understand that unlocked phones will get over the air updates from HTC, and without waiting for a carrier to enable it.
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  3. kach310

    kach310 Member

    I was wondering whether HTC Amaze have a non 4G version like the Sensation. I got one non carrier branded and in its box 4G is not mentioned. I still have not received the ICS update though my EVO 3D already received the official update.
  4. GerryAttrick

    GerryAttrick Member

    I should have popped back with an update

    This is now sorted.

    On one of the many times I asked the phone to check for updates it told me there was one and updated itself - very smooth and phone works like a charm.

    I suppose now we will have to do the run around waiting for jelly bean??:D

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