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What will happen to the Metro PCS Galaxy S3 if metro is bought by T-Mobile?Support

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  1. Huey Free

    Huey Free Member

    I want to buy the Galaxy S3 for Mpcs, but I don't know what'll happen after they merge with T-mobile in June or July. Would my phone be obsolete and a waste of 500?

  2. Gam3r 4 Life

    Gam3r 4 Life Well-Known Member

    I was wondering the same thing. I just bought a brand new Verizon S3, with $110/ month plan. But if I can buy the S3 with Metro and get 4g for $55/ month I will definitely go that route. I read this article here and it said that Metro Customers will be ok until 2015 as far as CDMA goes. But what about pricing, LTE, etc? I know my new verizon plan is double the $55 Metro plan, but so far its been awesome. I get an average of 10 mb/s, when before this I was on Sprint and never even got 1 mb/s because Sprint has no 4G here yet.
  3. fdbryant3

    fdbryant3 Well-Known Member

    The short answer is that no it will not be a waste of money to buy a MetroPCS GS3. Presuming they are allowed to merge around June/July it will be at least 2 years before they are able to shut down the CDMA network. In the interim the LTE network will be filled out and your phone will be fine (presuming of course you'll want to keep by then anyway).
  4. Huey Free

    Huey Free Member

    Assuming I want to keep the S3 after those 2 years, would I be able to use T-metro's network even though CDMA is being shut down? ...or would I have to buy a new phone entirely?
  5. fdbryant3

    fdbryant3 Well-Known Member

    Yes because by that time the majority if not all of the network will support LTE.
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  6. geo4it

    geo4it New Member

    LTE is for Internet., Not voice. Metro uses CDMA for voice and T-Mobile uses GSM for voice. The question is still unanswered.
    The International version of Galaxy s3 has CDMA and GSM. I was trying to find out if Metro had GSM removed.
    Theoretically, unless they butcher the hardware, the Galaxy 3 could work with ANY Carrier. And that's how most would prefer, but we all know how greedy corporations wanna put a chain and ball on everyone.
    So does anyone know if the MetroPCS Galaxy S III will have GSM and CDMA in it? We all know that it has LTE. Geez, even Sprint is changing to LTE from WiMax.
  7. Gam3r 4 Life

    Gam3r 4 Life Well-Known Member

    Give this thread a read. There are posts saying our S3 has both GSM and CDMA capabilities. Its just a matter of enabling it.
  8. metathiax

    metathiax New Member

    That is true also MetroPCS uses VoLTE already and team mobile will maintain that service so one way or another you should be able to keep your PCS S3 after the conversion. If you still have it half way through 2014 that is.
  9. Gam3r 4 Life

    Gam3r 4 Life Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info, recently sold the S3. Have a T-Mobile S4 now.

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