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What would happen if i turned off the BRAVIA engine?General

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  1. droidrio

    droidrio Member

    Q2. O.k. Another sort of easy one, im guessing.
    What happens when i untick the sony BRAVIA engine in the display settings?
    I am curious, but i dont really want to turn it off in case some parts of my phone stop functioning properly, any help on the matter would be appreciated.

    It obviously has something to do with my display,
    so are there any times when its best it should be off?
    does it eat up a lot of the battery by being on?

    And lastly, why does my phone need an 'ENGINE', isnt a processor enough?

  2. Del1701

    Del1701 Well-Known Member

    If you turn off bravia engine then you will only see the difference in the native album app with your photo's or in the video player, bravia engine just enhances the images or video a little.
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