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  1. ArmageddonX

    ArmageddonX Well-Known Member

    I had the understanding that the HTC Puccini was entering production in early June for a late June or early July release. HTC said at their press conference last month that no announcement was ready yet for the Puccini but to "stay tuned". I've been waiting months for any new information and it seems like HTC has "gone dark" on the Puccini.

    What's holding it up? The reviews for the Flyer/View were fantastic and it's been heralded as one of the best 7" tablets on the market. Do you think the release of the Puccini has been delayed so it can launch with ICS pre-installed? Maybe they're trying to work into the Puccini the same 3D technology they used in the Evo3D?

    Anyone care to speculate why we got so much information about the Puccini a few months ago and suddenly HTC has gone completely quiet about it?

    I just got an Evo3D last month and I am eagerly awaiting the release of the Puccini after experience what high quality products HTC makes. The level of customer service and satisfaction they provide is awesome.

  2. Cabad

    Cabad New Member

    I have the same exact thoughts, I also have the evo 3d Lol.. been waiting for a ten inch tablet from htc and getting antsy. Trying to refrain from buying the galaxy 10.1!. I really want the puccini
  3. derikd

    derikd New Member

    Maybe the new law suit filed by Apple last week. Maybe the pending laws suits filed by Apple a few months ago. Maybe problems getting Honeycomb working with their HTC Sense overlay, or working with HTC Scribe technology. Whatever the problem is, since they have gone totally dark, I am inclined to believe that even HTC doesn't know when the release is going to be. That could mean it is going to be a while.

    I was anxiously waiting too. When I first saw iPad about 18 months ago, I said "if it had a pen that I could use to replace this tablet of paper I carry everywhere, then I would buy one in an instant.". HTC flyer seems to have just enough pen functionality that I could "get by" - not perfect but good enough - but the screen is just too small for my big scrawling script. Even 10" is a bit small, but I could "get by".
  4. alackman

    alackman Well-Known Member

    Have also been waiting for this for months. Given the silence...it wouldn't surprise me if it became an autumn/winter release :(

    I hope it also comes out as a wifi only version....
  5. derikd

    derikd New Member

    Well it seems that FCC testing might have been part of the delay. Or perhaps something to do with the approvals on the 4G connectivity. Would this make it the first 4G tablet? That would be hot news. Too bad it is on AT&T. I think Sprint's technology is still a little further along at the moment.

    Still, any news is good news. It is clearly moving along the rails.

    As for WiFi, I would be supremely annoyed to be required to pay for an antenna I will never use, but I will NOT be buying a contract with AT&T in any case. If that means I can't have a Puccini, then I will buy a XOOM and wait for another tablet to come out with a pen.

    I really hope the pen has a storage space. The "loose pen" system on the Flyer is guaranteed to cause it to get lost. I could always jury rig something with cloth and epoxy, but it won't look nice.

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