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whats is the name of keyboard app that lets you.........

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  1. MozyMoe

    MozyMoe Active Member

    ......that gives you the option to change from qwerty keyboard , to an alphabetical one, like abcdefghi .. does anybody know ??

    i had it a long time ago and i forgot which one it is , i tried several of them but none have this option. pleeez if anybody remembers then lemme know, its for an older person, they cant qwerty.... thanx


  2. izmeeh

    izmeeh Member

    Are you talking about the Phone Keypad type? With 2 being A,B, or C?

    If so, you can just go into the "Locale & Text" setting to select the type of keyboard.
  3. cmoffatt

    cmoffatt New Member

    I am looking for the same thing for the same reason. Anybody have one?
    klmno this type of keyboard app? for a sprint optimus S

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