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What's "motoconnect"?

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  1. Clint1583

    Clint1583 Active Member

    After performing the update last night I get a windows box on my computer when I plug my phone in that says "motoconnect" update. What is it and why does nothing happen when I click on it?

  2. BahrNone

    BahrNone New Member

    For my experience stay away from it. I had a working connection with my Vista 64 bit pc. Could see Driod and transfer files manually. Made the mistake of loading Moto"Dis"Connect and can't or start see any connectection exept an "M" CD Drive with .ini and .exe that do nothing. tried several deletes and restores and cannot get rid of the Damn M from my PC!
  3. BahrNone

    BahrNone New Member

    Please ignore the previous. I discovered that I needed to be in PC Mode the first time I connected and the problems seemed to resolve the PC based drivers loaded and updated and the Phone reapeared in Connected devices. It Seemed to limit the files visible on the Phone while in PC Mode but it must allow synching of certain files.

    Sorry if my temporary frustration steered you wrong.

    FYI when you are USB connected pulling down the top menu and tapping USB connection is the way you switch between PC Mode, Windows Media Sync, USB Mass Storage...

    Hope it helps. Still a Smartphone Newbie!
  4. Outlaw71

    Outlaw71 Well-Known Member

    We're all newbie's to something. ;)
  5. _Aardvark

    _Aardvark Well-Known Member

    The Motoconnect software attempts to install when you attach your phone to the PC. The phone appears to Windows as a mass storage device (like a flash drive or portable hard drive). Windows see a installer application stored on the device and tries to install it (just as if you inserted a DVD or CDROM of a game or application).

    What exactly it's needed for is a mystery to me. I can't imagine why the phone would need a hardware driver (which is what I think motoconnect tries to pass itself off as) since all the USB modes (far as I know) are standard protocols that should need specific software on a PC to work.

    I think this is just an another opportunity to add some more marketing bloatware to your whole Motorola phone experience. Even if the phone needs a windows driver, there really is no reason to add an icon to the notification area of windows. At the VERY least the icon should look like my phone (and not their logo).

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