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What's on the SD card that comes with the phone?

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  1. Birgitte

    Birgitte New Member

    Might be a stupid question .. But I just got a Legend - had a TD2 before. The SD card in my old phone is 8GB so of course I put that in my Legend instead of the 2GB the Legend came with. Now I see that when I try to open the Quick Office program it says that it doesn't find the program on my SD card. Is there stuff on the 2GB card that comes with the phone that I should copy to my bigger card? I'm at work for another 48 hours with plenty of time to read and explore so I don't want to go and find another solution to stuff that might be as simple as plugging in the SD card that came with the Legend :)

    Thank you in advance!

  2. silvrsurfr

    silvrsurfr Member

    lol - thats a good question. When i first picked up my Legend - i never had a file app, so i didnt check.
    but then i swapped out my card from my old BB - picked up a file app, and now i see all my stuff from my BB on this phone.
    -pictures, movies, videos, songs, etc - some stuff doenst work obviously,

    but i wonder if there was anything on the other SD card - maybe i should swap it in to find out!
  3. Tiddy

    Tiddy Active Member

    Hmmm good point! I also did that....off to check
  4. GeoffBot

    GeoffBot Well-Known Member

    Kingston 2GB micro SD
  5. Tiddy

    Tiddy Active Member

    Yes there are some folders. DCIM folder with some free (vodafone) photos, MP3 with some free tunes & HTCsync 2.0.25

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