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  1. danielzink

    danielzink Active Member

    Searched the interweb.....searched here.....

    Title pretty much says it all......

    The wife and I still have our original DInc's. Mine's been acting a little hinky lately..plus it's been a couple years..I'm sort of maybe getting itchy for a new phone.

    I can't decode from Verizon's site - nor many of the conversations from around the web as to whether or not we're going to lose our unlimited data if we get new phones.

    Thanks, Dan

  2. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

    Pay full price - keep unlimited data
    Get subsidy and new 2 year contract - bye bye unlimited data
  3. danielzink

    danielzink Active Member

    What if I purchase a phone from say...eBay ?

    Thanks !

  4. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

    So long as you don't take a subsidy from Verizon you can keep your unlimited, that would include used phones.
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  5. danielzink

    danielzink Active Member

    Great !

    Thanks for all the fast answers.

  6. sgs8r

    sgs8r New Member

    So if you stay with the provider, you effectively pay twice for the phone---once up front and again over the following months through the same monthly charges that underwrite subsidized phones. It has always bugged me that I keep paying the same monthly fees after my contract expires and I've presumably paid off my subsidized phone. I almost feel forced to upgrade.
  7. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

    Unfortunately, yes. I feel the same way.:rolleyes:
  8. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    Agreed, it's a great point.

    Just noticed you joined in September, 2010 and this was your first post! How on earth did you even remember your login credentials? I'd say welcome to AF but it seems a little untimely at this stage. :D
  9. sgs8r

    sgs8r New Member

    I've been lurking regularly. This is the best android/DINC forum by far. I've been back recently trying to get help picking my next phone (my 2-year expired last May). SIII and Razr Maxx seem promising, but I like the HTC interface and am reluctant to add one more thing to my "To Learn" list. Wish Verizon would release a version of the One X. The DINC is a hard act to follow...
  10. isherwood

    isherwood Well-Known Member

    So how are the limited plans? I rarely watch Netflix on the phone, but I'm active with email and web browsing. For those of you who have given up the legacy plan, how has it been?
  11. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    I hear you. I'm mid-contract currently but have been watching the new phones also. We are starting to get a lot of good options but it appears I'll be waiting for awhile out of necessity.
  12. wr_orion

    wr_orion Member

    So on this subject...I spoke with a rep at a Verizon store this weekend and he swore up and down that there was no way for me to keep unlimited data if I upgraded my phone due to the fact that I have a 3G Droid X and switching to 4G will automatically switch me to a share data plan. He said that even if I purchase full retail I lose grandfathered unlimited data when I activate.

    He also said that if I had purchased a 4G phone sooner that I would have been able to upgrade a different line and switch or purchase a new phone for retail and keep the unlimited.

    So the main problem per this rep is that I am switching from 3G to 4G.

    I'm in Illinois by the way, not sure if location makes a difference.

    Anyone have any specific info regarding this? Anyone specifically upgrade from a Droid X to a new 4G phone?

    Thanks in advance!
  13. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    From what I understand... the sales rep is correct. You'll have to lose unlimited data if you go to a 4g phone.
  14. wr_orion

    wr_orion Member

    Wow, that REALLY sucks if it's true.

    I've about had it with Verizon. Things told to me by reps have repeatedly come around to bite me.

    When I learned that unlimited was going away, I checked into the options. Was told I could upgrade up until Aug 21st iirc and still keep it. Also told at that time that I could buy new phone retail and keep it after that date. Rep knew what phone(s) I have as they were looking at my account.

    This is the first time I've ever heard anything about 3G vs 4G regarding unlimited data.

    Anyone else heard anything about this? Maybe someone can tell me something I "want" to hear:rolleyes:
  15. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    I just know that 3g and 4g show up as two different plans on my bill... so it would make sense that they can't add it without eliminating your unlimited. I had always assumed that you could keep unlimited even when going from 3 to 4 but I've seen a few people report what you've been told and no one report the opposite.
  16. wr_orion

    wr_orion Member

    Next I'm going to call Verizon and try to get the information verbally. I got the OK from an online chat representative...but that doesn't necessarily mean it's correct. (That's how I got misinformation before, from online chat AND unsolicited Verizon sales call)

    So I'll paste the conversation at the end here for everyone's reference. Hopefully this pans out. We will see.

    info: Please hold for a Verizon Wireless sales representative, we appreciate your patience. Your current estimated wait time is 0 min 53 secs.
    info: Add a tablet to the Share Everything plan for only $10/mo – no contract commitment - data only plans starting at $30 monthly access! Ask me how.
    You are now chatting with 'Kambria'
    Kambria: Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service. May I help you with your order today?
    Wayne: Yes thanks.
    Wayne: I need to find out about my unlimited data plan.
    Kambria: I'd be happy to assist you.
    Wayne: I currently have a Droid X with unlimited data
    Wayne: I understand that if I "upgrade" at a subsidized price that I will lose that
    Wayne: If I buy a new RazrMaxx HD or SGIII or similar phone at full retail, will I be able to keep my current unlimited data plan?
    Kambria: I'd be happy to assist you.
    Kambria: Yes, if you purchase the device at full retail price you can keep your unlimited data .
    Wayne: Excellent!
    Kambria: Would you like for me to check your account to see what your data usage is ?
    Wayne: Is there any way for you to officially give me that information in case my plan gets changed somehow? Please?
    Kambria: May I have your full name and mobile number so that I can better assist you ?
    Wayne: Wayne Reed - XXX-XXX-XXXX
    Kambria: Thanks
    Kambria: Would you please verify the last four of your SSN ?
    Wayne: XXXX
    Kambria: Thanks
    Kambria: I see that your are eligible for 5 upgrades today .
    Kambria: Would you like to upgrade any of those lines ?
    Wayne: That's what I'm trying to get information to do.
    Kambria: I'm showing that you use less than 1GB a month so paying full retail price for a device will he a waste of money .
    Wayne: Again, can you somehow officially give me the OK that if I activate a new 4G LTE phone on my current unlimited 3G data plan, as long as I don't "upgrade" on a subsidized new 2 yr contract, that I will be able to keep my unlimited plan?
    Wayne: I know that I don't use a lot of data now...but I just really don't want to have to check to make sure I'm not going over my limit. That's why I got unlimited in the first place.
    Kambria: I understand
    Kambria: You can keep a copy of this chat, saying that you will not lose your unlimited data .
    Wayne: Ok, great. How do I do that?
    Wayne: I'm sorry that I am being a pain, but I've had several issues recently with Verizon reps telling me one thing, then when I attempt to follow their direction, another rep tells me that I can't.
    Kambria: Once you are done click end chat and enter your email address .
    Wayne: Very good, much appreciated.
    Wayne: Ok, a few phone questions...
    Kambria: Sure
    Wayne: Can you tell me what the memory storage options are for the Note II? Or I can look it up, not that big of a deal.
    Kambria: Would you mind holding for a moment while I check that information?
    Wayne: no problem
    Kambria: That device is 16GB
    Wayne: Hmm, no other options?
    Wayne: does it have SD card slot?
    Wayne: Oh, I almost forgot I had another question regarding the unlimited data plan.
    Kambria: Yes, that device have a SD sot
    Kambria: slot
    Wayne: I've heard that since I have other "dumb" phones on my plan, that in theory I could actually upgrade one of those lines to a new, 4G LTE smart phone with an individual data plan...then swith that phone over to my existing smart phone plan...and still keep my unlimited data plan. Does this sound correct as well since I'm not "upgrading" my unlimited data plan line, just switching phones with one I already have.
    Kambria: Yes, you can upgrade that way to without losing your unlimited .
    Wayne: Great! You've made my day :)
    Wayne: So back to phones...I'm still on the fence about which model to go with.
    Kambria: What key features in a cell phone are most important to you?
    Wayne: It's OK if you don't have an answer...so just tell me if you don't know...but do you know if the radios are better in Motorola phones vs Samsung vs LG, etc.? I've heard that Motorola makes better radios for signal reception but don't have any hard data myself yet. Thoughts? (please don't tell me they are all the same)
    Kambria: I would recommend the Samsung Galaxy S3
    Wayne: Really? Interesting. Looks like a decent phone, but Note II with larger battery and screen are a little more apealling if I go Samsung. Any down sides to the Note II vs the SGSIII?
    Kambria: No there is not .
    Wayne: Ok, very good. I think I have a little more research to do, but will definitely be getting a new phone very soon. Is there a way for me to get directly to you to make my purchase?
    Kambria: I'm sorry I do not have a direct contact number.
    Wayne: Shoot. Well thank you VERY much for your assistance today. You deserve a raise! You've been extremely helpful and I appreciate it very much.
    Kambria: Well it was my pleasure speaking with you . Please be sure to press the end chat button to properly close out this conversation! Take care and have a great week!
  17. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    That's interesting...like I said, I've only heard the opposite. Report back if they do indeed let you keep your unlimited.
  18. ralbertina

    ralbertina Member

    We've had a family plan with Verizon for years with 4 phones on the plan. It is one of the "grandfathered" unlimited data plans. We upgraded 2 of the phones earlier in the year to Razr Maxx running on the 4 LTE network withithout issue. We went to upgrade our Daughter's Droid 2 Global to the Samsung G III and were told that she would have to move off the unlimited plan to do so. I asked about buying the phone outright and was also told that it would not change the fact that she would have to move off of her unlimited data plan. We're currently looking into what other options exist for us to keep her on the unlimited data plan, given most of our usage seems to be on the 3G network in our area.
  19. jj3699

    jj3699 Well-Known Member

    I am also very interested in if VZW will actually allow this when it comes down to the purchase.

    Please keep us in the loop :D
  20. Bearcats

    Bearcats Well-Known Member

    HTC Droid DNX :D Its quite a bit bigger than our Dinc's, but its on my list to look at.

    I too am also of the "unlimited" data plan and my phone is starting to act up a bit and am perplexed about the abundance of misinformation that comes out of Verizon stores/chats/sales lines.

    I would buy retail in hearbeat if I did for sure get to keep it but call a store and talk to four people you get four different answers. And my "thing" is when I call a store, I am more worried about what happens to my plan and I get generic answers like "its be around", "it will be very close", "you can review the total but we wont know all the taxes and fees when we sell you the phone". Really? :smokin:

    My short list is the Samsung GSIII, Motorola Razor Maxx HD and now the HTC Driod DNX...but going to the store just makes me mad and I push it off. *harumph*
  21. today

    today Well-Known Member

    Go to the store to try the phones out. Then call 611 to buy it.
  22. wr_orion

    wr_orion Member

    Have a Galaxy Nexus on order right now direct from Verizon as an upgrade to one of my non-smart phones. It will arrive tomorrow and I'll activate it tomorrow night. We will find out once and for all and I'll post the results on Wednesday.
  23. Bearcats

    Bearcats Well-Known Member

    Please do.

    One of my main considerations is if the "base" price of my contract changes before tax/title/registration. I dont want my monthly bill to change. I can save up for out of pocket expenses like new hardware than dealing with a monthly reminder...

    I am curious if the base price moves at all up?
  24. wr_orion

    wr_orion Member

    The only thing I'm concerned with currently is keeping my unlimited data plans. If they switch my unlimited plan(s) to shared data, then yes, the prices will certainly change. However if they allow the switching of phones, then I see no reason that the base price of the plans would change.
  25. Bearcats

    Bearcats Well-Known Member

    I thought (and me thinking is a brutally dangerous issue :D ) that the "unlimited" was quietly capped at 2GB on Vrz? Or was the smoke haze I just walked through much more dense than I am? :)

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