What's the best device for audio recording in videos?

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    I am very disappointed with the audio recording quality in videos when using my current phone, the HTC Desire HD. Compared to iPhone, it's very bad, particularly when recording concerts etc. - you can barely recognise the song being played.

    Unfortunately, it seems both the HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3 have the same problem (a quick Google search for "htc one x recording quality" or "galaxy s3 recording quality" reveals many people complaining about this). Since these are the top-of-the-range Android phones in my market (UK) then I am concerned that I won't find a good phone with this feature!!

    Also, is there any way around this - e.g. is there any phone where you can connect an external device to boost the recording quality? I know I could use an external camcorder, but this is really for the purpose of taking videos and then uploading them to twitter the same night - so it needs to be quick.

  2. wtdanceisthru

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    I eventually found two solutions:

    • To connect an external mic to the headphone jack using some kind of adaptor - using the same mechanism as it uses for headphones with built in mic for taking phone calls. These adaptors are available online.
    • To get an external camcorder and then copy the files to my phone via CloudFTP. This was the solution I eventually went for. CloudFTP is a great device and has been very useful to me. (For anyone who doesn't know, it creates its own access point and makes available an FTP server on that access point with the files of a USB device. The camcorder I went for - the Zoom Q3HD (which seems to be the best budget camcorder for audio recording) - has a built in USB which allows me to connect it straight to the CloudFTP).

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