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What's the full name of my folder?General

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  1. DougWeller

    DougWeller New Member

    I've installed Viewranger and copied my maps into a folder on the SD card named viewranger. The app wants me to manually tell it the name of the folder, but just typing in viewranger doesn't show me the maps, so I'm guessing I need the full name of the folder and I don't know what that is. How can I find it?

  2. fr0d0

    fr0d0 Well-Known Member

    \sdcard\viewranger at a guess. If you navigate there using 'filer' the path is displayed at the top.
  3. DougWeller

    DougWeller New Member

    Thanks, I'd forgotten that filer did that or didn't know it did. You're right.

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