what's this symbol mean?

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  1. northyorkguy

    northyorkguy Active Member

    hi there, i've been getting this symbol on top of my taskbar ever so often, i have no idea what it does, but noticed it draining my battery...

    i even checked my manual but couldn't find a reference to it.... strange....

    i attached pictures for reference.

    it's beside the "signal strength bar symbol", on the left of it...


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  2. Nismo

    Nismo Member

    that means that applications that you have are syncing with your phone, so for example gmail, or calender
  3. britbloke

    britbloke Well-Known Member

    If it's draining your battery, just go into your Settings and turn off "Sync". You can turn off Gmail, Calendar and Contacts. This should improve your battery life.
  4. northyorkguy

    northyorkguy Active Member

    thanks very much for that tip, didn't know about that, i checked my settings, everything was selected in there. Regarding that, what exactly does the syncing do, especially if i were turn it off for the "contact" selection, what does that do...


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