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What's this...???

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  1. Limey

    Limey Member

    SlideME | Android Community and Application Marketplace

    On this page under "my options" on the right hand side there's "download SAM" and then what appears to be a kind of square bar code thingy. What the heck is this??? When I look through the site then all the downloads seem to have one that's a little different from the previous.

    Anyone answer my curiosity?

  2. swennl

    swennl Active Member

    Sam is a alternative android market. you can download it from their site or you can read "that bare cody thingy" The QR code with barcode scanner Your android phone will open the android market on the page where you can download SAM. htc tattoo doesn't have autofocus on his camera. I hate barcode scanner for tattoo.
  3. brixendk

    brixendk Member

    A workaround, if you see QR codes on the computer, is to zoom in. In Windows7 the shortcut is win++

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