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What's using my ROM?

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  1. MunchkinMC

    MunchkinMC Member

    I have less than 25% of my ROM free - what it using it all up? All music etc is on the SD card. My concern is what happens when I use up all my ROM

    Any advice please?

  2. ChryzaorFlux

    ChryzaorFlux Well-Known Member

    What do you mean 25% of your ROM is free?
    Your ROM takes a certain amount of space in your memory and doesnt change, i think you mean internal memory, the space where you store apps.

    Go to manage applications, and press All, then browse the apps that have large amounts of data maybe its download manager, browser and other apps, you can clear its data without the fear of your system being compromised, but keep in mind its your choice to do it, its just my suggestion

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