What's wrong with my Samsung Galaxy Y? :(Support

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  1. tysonerz

    tysonerz Member

    My battery is not accurate about it percentage. When i'm charging sometimes its stuck on 62% and after 2 hrs the phone just alarmed and it's 100% already? please help me, it would take me 4-5hrs charging time which I think is not normal..and even discharging my battery the percentage is not accurate..
    i already flashed my phone, restarted/rebooted it for many times, but still it didn't work. I badly need your help guys... :( please!:(:(:(

  2. vonchi182

    vonchi182 Well-Known Member

    calibrate ur battery. since im new here i cant post links. but theres many tutorial on how to calibrate ur phones battery.. just google it!!

    best regards!
  3. tysonerz

    tysonerz Member

    thank you so much sir!:)

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