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What is your average usual 3G HSPA+ Speed Test Results

Poll closed Jun 20, 2011.
  1. 0.1 to 0.5 Mbps

  2. 0.6 t0 1.0 Mbps

  3. 1.1 to 3 Mbps

  4. 4 to 7 Mbps

  5. 7 to 12 Mbps

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  6. Theoretical 21 Mbps

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  7. Zero, or No Internet, or Only "E"-edge network


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  1. HtcEvoLemon

    HtcEvoLemon Well-Known Member

    Hi. So before I got my MyTouch Slide, a T-mobile rep told me that the MyTouch Slide is actually a 3g HSPA+ phone. According to the rep only two phones in T-mobiles lineup are HSPA+. The MyTouch Slide and HTC HD2.

    The rep said I could expect 7-12 mbps download in my area, and T-mobiles website says theoretically 21 mbps.
    If you don't know what HSPA+ is... follow this link
    HSPA+/3G Coverage | T-Mobile

  2. enchauto

    enchauto New Member

    i got 1.58mbps down and .23 up.
  3. nvillamob

    nvillamob Well-Known Member

    I don't even have 3g where i live. booo. But we're on the list to get HSPA by year-end and i can't wait. EDGE is so slow.
  4. HtcEvoLemon

    HtcEvoLemon Well-Known Member

    I live in a city that has HSPA+ already. Unfortunately, I get nowhere near the 7-12 mbps t-mobile said I would be getting.

    Also my phone is 85 percent of the time running under Edge also.

    not that great.... but it's still faster than Stupid sprint and the crappy evo
  5. ryanxottele

    ryanxottele Member

    I downloaded the speedtest.net application and tested against the Houston server. I am in the Houston area, allegedly HSPA+ but my phone only shows connecting to HSDPA.

    My speedtest came in at 4.06 Mbps down and 1.44 Mbps up. Ping at 73ms. Pretty amazing I'd say.
  6. HtcEvoLemon

    HtcEvoLemon Well-Known Member

    I'm so jeleous of you. I just downloaded that program, thanks!
    I got 0.36 download :(
    I don't understand why, I live in a HSPA+ city.
  7. stryder06

    stryder06 Well-Known Member

    I got 2.1 Mb download and 561kbps upload
  8. rrolff

    rrolff Active Member

    Ran the test from the browser (speakeasy.com) - and got 1.08 M down, .22 up.

    Downloaded iNetwork (speedtest) app, and got 500K down...

    Not very good in the big scheme of things - maybe due to browser, apps?
  9. pkincy

    pkincy Member

    Don't worry the + system is only just rolling out and likely has few towers even in the areas that have it. Supposedly LA has it in some places, but in San Diego we won't for a while.

    My 3G from both ATT (IPAD) and from TMobile on my Slide are pretty consistently in the 1 meg range which is very servicable. I travel a lot so that varies. In Turtle Bay (Hawaii N Shore) this weekend I only got Edge speeds from TMobile but was getting 3G speeds from ATT on the IPAD. So I left the phone alone. In Honolulu I get 3G from both ATT and Verizon and TMobile.

    I have yet to get near a + tower, so don't have anything or place to report that yet but the folks that are reporting 4+ Mps speeds are making me look forward to that. Our processor will hold us back a bit, but I can't say the phone is very often my primary browser as I generally at least have my IPAD or Laptop (with Verizon MiFi 2200) close at hand.

  10. nevi3444

    nevi3444 New Member

    The 1st result is Wifi the rest are HSPA

    By the way there are no HSPA+ devices released for tmobile for the time being, however the HSPA+ network will improve speeds of HSPA devices, hence the 4-7Mbps speeds. not the 7-21Mbps speeds theoretically produced by HSPA+
  11. HtcEvoLemon

    HtcEvoLemon Well-Known Member

    Ya, after doing more recent research, seems like the MTS isn't an HSPA+ phone. I thought it was because 2 tmobile reps told me it was specifically HSPA+, along with the HTC HD2. Oh well.

    SO how did you get those screen shots of your screen test, I wanna do that.
  12. JDroid954

    JDroid954 New Member

    1.72 Down 0.57 Up

    Miami Florida Server
  13. nevi3444

    nevi3444 New Member

    If you google "how to get screenshots of your android phone" there are some videos. Basically you have to install the android sdk, install the drivers for your phone have the java jdk installed then use ddms.bat, which is a debugger to take the screen shots.
  14. ryanxottele

    ryanxottele Member

    I installed something called "ShootMe" from the market. You open it and it runs in background and then when you want to take a pic, you shake the phone. Says it requires root but works fine for mine.
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  15. plainbrad

    plainbrad Well-Known Member

  16. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants Moderator


    Sprint =) 3G
  17. samcarroll

    samcarroll Active Member

    3G Down 0.80 Up 0.76
    Wifi Down 9.54 Up 1.26
  18. petedagrk

    petedagrk Member

    down 1.59, up .73
  19. petedagrk

    petedagrk Member

    wifi down 2.73, up: .99
  20. Cramill

    Cramill Well-Known Member

    After 3 tests in Phoenix/Tempe on T-Mobile (no HSPA+ yet):

    1.62-1.84 down, 0.16-0.39 up
  21. petedagrk

    petedagrk Member

    I did a speed test from work..........which I can only get Edge network........and got this:

    down .01 up 1.57
  22. sean904

    sean904 New Member

    I am in Jacksonville FL and tested several times and got an average of 4.8 down and .3 up. So I guess I am kinda lucky on speeds. T-Mobile Mytouch Slide. Testing on 3g
  23. conway

    conway New Member

    I have 3G constantly in my home, i only get 0.41 mbps down 0.67 mbps up. I feel something is wrong. I don't get edge only 3G.
  24. ImABoss

    ImABoss Well-Known Member

  25. stargirlmia89

    stargirlmia89 New Member

    2.28 down, and 1.04 up on 3G (which I'm pretty consistently on).

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