What's your thougth on Dell-Mini ?General

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  1. Well buzzing is started about the phone and when I research some information, I found this phone is coming around $300 which I think good price to spend! I mention few points here:

  2. SEI

    SEI Active Member

    i think the 300 dollar price is gonna be the wifi only version. the 3g one is gonna be more expensive, but im sure the 300 dollar is still just the base price for nothing on the phone at all.. there will be options on larger memory and a crap load of accessories.. all i know is i need to buy at least 4 of those stupid dell cables... why cant they just use micro usb.. people really need to stop changing standards for phones.. what was so wrong with mini usb..
  3. sn0skier

    sn0skier Active Member

    I think it will be an awesome phone. It's specs rival the incredible and the nexus one and almost all other phones besides, maybe, the Evo. 720p out is pretty cool, as is the front facing camera. The only reason I would go for the Evo over it is the 720p video RECORDING, which the dell mini 5 doesn't have.
    The only thing that everyone has been worried about is the size, but as you can see from the engadget prototype review it does in fact fit in your pocket without any hassle. If your a woman it will certainly fit in your purse. As long as it fits in your pocket, I want the biggest screen that I can get. Big screens make a huge difference in your technology experience when you are on a computer. Add the fact that the 1.5 extra inches it has over, say, the iphone doubles the area of the screen. Also add the fact that screen size is even more important than on a computer because you use the screen to control the device, and I think that phones of this size will be the norm in a few years. I guess we'll see what happens.
  4. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Well-Known Member

    there is nothing mini about it
  5. demandarin

    demandarin Member

    this is a Everything Else First/ Phone Second. It needs to be marketed more as a tablet pc, which it is. Its even cooler that it can also make calls. Im thinkn juss take the sim outta my att tilt 2 in put it in there and im good to go..lmao This Dell Streak 5 has a lot going on for it and the specs are very impressive. I was going to get an Archos 5 internet media tablet cuz its a jack of all trades but this Dell Blows it away. Plus the Dell screen is Capacitive touch which makes it very responsive and snappy. Im so on edge on what to get. so many different ones coming out now. i want android on it , be able to use as a phone also if capable, and be just like a tablet pc or netbook with full functions. i gotta be able to do more on my new device that i can with my Tilt 2.
    and then u got the Streak 7 and 10 coming...like dayyummm..but i like the portability of the 5...plus that Snapdragon is da bomb n very fast.
  6. newguy

    newguy New Member

    I'm actually debating if I should wait for this or get HTC Evo. I was first drawn to Evo for it's screen size, but I really don't need a data plan/3g/4g connection. So I'm really hoping they'd actually release a wifi only version of Dell Streak 5. Though I'm actually a little disappointed in what seems like the same hardware you see on everything else, and that every article I've read says it's one Android 1.6 now and will update later after it's out. If only they'd make a cheaper, wifi only version of Galaxy S, or have Creative come out with a bomb ass commercial version of their Zii. That would be my dorky MID dream come true.
  7. Rhysd2

    Rhysd2 Well-Known Member

    @newguy: theres not 100% confirmation on what version of android it will be yet. Some sites are saying 1.6 some are saying 2.1 Either way dell have confirmed it will get 2.2 in the near future. I've heard rumblings as well it will have a wifi only version but cant be 100% on that.
  8. 8Ball

    8Ball Well-Known Member

    I REALLY hope there are less expensive versions with less options. I want a simple tablet with WiFi and bluetooth. I don't need the 3G capability and camera as I have an HTC Desire that I carry everywhere.

    I just want something to view the web and play media that is smaller and much more portable than a laptop yet bigger screen than my phone. For me it would be a tablet and not a phone, it's too big to carry everywhere.
  9. yhbae

    yhbae Active Member

    I think this phone is just about perfect for my GF. She already carries a handbag anyways, so replacing her current relatively small phone won't add much impact with this one. She seems to prefer using my N1, so she is already into Android phones and enjoys the larger screen. The only thing I need to wait for, is for the Streak to be released in North America with either 2.1 or 2.2 on board. 1.5/1.6 just doesn't cut it.

    I guess we are looking at Oct-ish time frame for this to happen? I hope they are coming with 2.2 if they are releasing it that late.
  10. SEI

    SEI Active Member

    EDIT: NOO!!! just realised the uk streak is 900/2100 mhz!!! dammit i guess i gotta wait till end of summer for the stupid 850/1900...
  11. yhbae

    yhbae Active Member

    Well, I am sort of ok since by October, I will not be locked into any carrier. What carrier in Canada uses 900/2100?
  12. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Well-Known Member

    Dell CEO said that it is coming to AT&T which uses 850/1900
  13. yhbae

    yhbae Active Member

  14. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Well-Known Member


    Apparently, sometime this summer

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  15. nb_mitch

    nb_mitch Well-Known Member

    I think this will be my next device, just waiting to see how much damage AT&T does to the device before they release it.

    Will it sync to a PC & recharge with a mini-usb connector or does Dell have some weird connection cable?

    Still trying to get a handle on actual size, I probably won't be able to truly understand how big it is until I hold it, but I have seen dimensions of 6" x 3.1" x .4" which is huge compared to all other mobile devices.

    I wonder what "later this summer" will translate into and if the UK launch may have a bearing on future launches.

    Coming from a BB, I am not sure how locked down a Andriod device is, I ran Rogers OS on my AT&T BB for over a year because AT&T didn't want to keep up with OS releases. Can I do the same with an Andriod and run a more current version if AT&T decides to release the device running 1.6, etc?


  16. yhbae

    yhbae Active Member

    If you decide to root your phone, you can pretty much do anything. I would think someone will give a crack at 2.1 or 2.2 well before the official version gets out by Dell.
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