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  1. jinjonBoo

    jinjonBoo New Member

    Hey guys.
    The thing is, some idiot stole my phone, and along with it i had gmail/twitter/facebook/etc associated to my accounts. i already deactivated gmail/twitter/etc through the security options at the respective websites.
    The problem is with the WhatsApp account. Neither here, neither on WhatsApp help support i got any answers to my problem. I want to reset the service so if the idiot can use my phone doesn't receive my WhatsApp messages, which i know for a fact that work even if the SIM number is different from the original.
    So, how can i block everything that goes to my old phone? i want to reset the account but in some days/weeks i wanna have the application back.
    Anyone got ideas?
    WhatsApp support just don't give a damn about my problem, i don't receive feedback from them.
    Thanks in advance.
    My phone (was) a Samsung Ace.
    By the way, any tips on how to reset things in a better way than i did, with gmail/twitter/etc?
    I think there should be a thread only for help with this kind of problems

  2. ayaznoor

    ayaznoor Well-Known Member

    dont know about whatsapp problem sorry. but instead of "deactivating" the gmail, facebook, twitter accounts and living without them, i suggest you change their password, that way your phone will not be allowed to login due to authentication failure
  3. jinjonBoo

    jinjonBoo New Member

    hey man thanks for the reply.
    yes i already changed all the passwords..
    still not getting any help on WhatsApp though.... :/

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