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WhatsApp issue but not the usual one.

  1. skeeta

    skeeta New Member

    Hey guys.
    Yeah it's a WhatsApp thing but I seriously can't find mention of this on the whole Internet, never mind these forums.

    I have an Xperia Z and I've recently had to replace the screen. Unfortunately, in doing so I broke the front mic (the usual phone call one). Not so much of an issue. I just always carry a headset around with me for calls and WhatsApp could use either the same headset mic or the back camera mic for voice messages.
    Since this last update to v2.11.301 of WhatsApp though things have changed. Neither my headset mic or my back camera mic a picked up by the app and all my messages are silent.
    I tried rolling back to an earlier version of WhatsApp and it worked fine again but that version stopped working yesterday and forced me to update.

    I'm wondering why the new version should stop seeing any mics but the main call mic when the old version saw them all and is like to know if there's a way to re enable the other mics in android because I really can't find a setting in WhatsApp for it.



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