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Whatsapp Message Problem!

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  1. ciko_gfb

    ciko_gfb Member

    My problem with Whatsapp is my messages comes like 10 minutes delay. After the delay, I'm entering the Whatsapp, I send a message but it's not going. To fix this I have to deactivate Data Traffic and active it again. When I do that Whatsapp working fine. But when I close Whatsapp (still working on backround) after 15 minutes later my messages starting to delay again. And I have to deactivate Data Traffic and active it again. Please help, It starting to be a big problem for me. Thanks.

    My Phone : Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc
    Android version : 4.0.4
    Whatsapp Version: 2.11.23

  2. Android Pac

    Android Pac New Member

    Well i have same problem with my BBQ10 but i uninstall it and then re-installed it .. i think you must try this..
  3. ciko_gfb

    ciko_gfb Member

    is anyone had that problem before? :/
  4. ciko_gfb

    ciko_gfb Member

    please help
  5. KudoDroid

    KudoDroid Member

  6. ciko_gfb

    ciko_gfb Member

    I tried that but it wont work, still the same problem..

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