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Whatsapp plz plz helpSupport

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  1. lucas1981

    lucas1981 New Member

    hi i have just got my s3 and sync all my facebook contacts so they appear in my phonebook!.... i downloaded whatsapp and it isnt displaying any contacts!

    I previously had the galaxy ace gt5380 or summin like that i sync my facebook contacts then downloaded whatsapp and all my contacts appeared inb whatsapp along with there pictures !

    what am i doing wrong this time? thought the s3 was ment to be the don?
    seems like it wont allow my sync facebook contacts to sync into whatsapp

    plz sumone help i am not very tech when it comes to phones. Am I the only one with this problem?

  2. wilko1977

    wilko1977 New Member

    Hi there, sympathise with your issue, but where is the whatsapp app for galaxy s3?
    I can't find it in samsung apps, it is free to install, but all need paying
  3. holytoa

    holytoa Active Member

    try google play store...whatapps is free for a year....after that..it's 1.99 per year
  4. peachypocket

    peachypocket New Member

    Did you find a fix for this? as i have the same problem as you

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