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Whatsapp run on proxy server

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  1. rcwip

    rcwip New Member

    I installed whatsapp in my samsung note 2 and run my phone on company's proxy server using wifi connection. However, i can access internet using wifi but i cannot receive or send text on whatsapp. I was told whatsapp would not support proxy server. Is there any work around for this problem? Thanks.

  2. rcwip

    rcwip New Member

    Any advice, please.
  3. Dispie

    Dispie New Member

    Found your thread while searching how to solve similar issue. To me it is strange that Whatsapp does not use system proxy settings while many other programs do.

    To get Whatsapp online you need to install ProxyDroid and set up proxy there. It has an option to turn it on automatically when connected to specific wi-fi network. I set it up for my office wi-fi and it works quite well.

    The only limitation - you need to have your phone rooted.

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