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When I make or receive calls there is no sound.Support

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  1. MsAnnie26

    MsAnnie26 New Member

    Hi I'm new to this and I was wondering if anyone could help me out. My Mini was working fine then all of a sudden started acting up. When I make or receive a call I cannot hear anything. But when I hit the "speaker button" that works fine. Every other sound on my phone works (Speaker,key sounds,media sounds). If anyone could help me find a solution it would be great. Thanks!

  2. christubes

    christubes New Member

    My Galaxy mini has developed the same problem over the past week. The phone ear-piece speaker (top front) is seperate to the media/speaker-phone speaker (bottom rear), hence one listening mode not working whilst the other does.
    I've been into my phone to check for an (unlikely) loose connection. everything was fine.
    My fault kind of coincided with using the phone briefly in the rain (I wonder what triggered yours?), so I wonder if a rain drop knocked out the ear-piece speaker. This sounds a bit unlikely but who knows?
    I have ordered a replacement speaker and ribbon cable from ebay for less than
  3. christubes

    christubes New Member

    New speaker/ribbon cable arrived and fitted. Phone fixed!:)

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