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When I plug my phone into the USB on my computer its just says Initializing

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  1. Terry S

    Terry S Well-Known Member

    When I plug my phone into the USB of my computer it just says Initializing and doesn't go anywhere from there?

  2. MeVirtually

    MeVirtually Active Member

    I was having trouble getting Windows to see it too, but MrTony found that by plugging the phone into a different USB port on the computer, Windows was able to finally see it. That did the trick for me too. I had the drivers that are stickied in this forum installed, BTW.
  3. Grouchyass

    Grouchyass New Member

    Try using a powered USB hub for some reason only way to work on some pc's. Also you may have to manually install the drivers.
  4. grphx

    grphx Member

    I kinda have the same problem, was about to actually make a thread. When I plug mine in, it just stays at the "connected" screen and wont let me mess with the phone while it's plugged in. I didn't install the drivers because I'm at work and the dropbox URL is blocked.
  5. c0ld29

    c0ld29 Member

    grphx, you have to go into your settings and there is an option to let you mess with the phone while it is connected/charging. I'm not 100% what its under because I'm waiting for my phone to arrive this afternoon but I read about this on another thread.
  6. Karl_Tx

    Karl_Tx Well-Known Member

    Hi guys....couldn't get my captivate to connect to the computer either.
    Found out that once you see the usb symbol in the top left corner, drag down like you would for a notification and click on the usb message and say mount.....the computer not only sees the external but internal card also....no drivers needed....I'm on Win 7 64 bit ultimate

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