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  1. Booky

    Booky Well-Known Member

    It's end of may and still nothing?

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  2. jsmithy1

    jsmithy1 Active Member

  3. jsmithy1

    jsmithy1 Active Member

    OK, it's now 1st August and no sign of ICS!
  4. Booky

    Booky Well-Known Member

    Desire hd wont get one, so I expect from them to drop off desire s too. Htc os really bad .
  5. I can see HTC cancelling ICS for Desire S too, if it isn't going on the HD, can't see it going on the S. Hopefully, I'm wrong.

    When I do software update now, it just keeps saying checking and nothing else I used to get the 'your phone is up to date' message.

    Anyone getting this?
  6. goofyprince

    goofyprince Member

    I emailed UK support Ann got the following reply earlier today.

    Thank you for contacting HTC regarding your Desire S.

    My name is Aaron and I am a Technical Support Agent for the HTC Written Team.

    I understand that you have a query regarding Ice Cream Sandwich.

    I am pleased to confirm that the ICS update is being rolled out to unbranded Desire S devices throughout June, July and August.

    The update is sent out in batches and is not available to all users at once, however all unbranded users should be updated by the end of August.

    If your device is network branded I recommend contacting your network regarding their update schedule.

    Here's hoping it does not get cancelled!
  7. Logan47

    Logan47 Disabled

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