WHen is 1.6 update coming to Telus?

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  1. crobbulan

    crobbulan Member

    Hoping it's soon as there appear to be a number of new apps that require 1.6 as a minimum spec.

    Reading the Rogers forum it looks as though lack of timely updates is a big issue. Anybody have an update on the Telus side of things? :confused:


  2. steveg

    steveg Active Member

    it's not. at all. htc is going to go right through to android 2 in the new year for heros.
  3. crobbulan

    crobbulan Member


    How do you know this? I am not sure if what htc does is relevant. It's Telus that has to push out the update, is it not?
  4. steveg

    steveg Active Member

    not exactly. htc has to take android and reprogram it to look like their "sense UI". then they release it to Telus, who pushes it to us. it's been pretty well confirmed that it will be coming in the first half of 2010. initially it was supposed to come before the new year but i think it got delayed.
  5. Asmo

    Asmo Member

    The Hero 2.1 update for CDMA (sprint) was announced Q1 for 2010, but it is assumed the GSM update will be available much sooner, which is what Telus users will be using.

    I would monitor the main Hero forum section here to get more info, you can also subscribe to the HTC and androidspin twitters to get up to date info.
  6. crobbulan

    crobbulan Member

    Thanks steveg and Asmo for the update. Glad I found this forum.
  7. crobbulan

    crobbulan Member

    Found this today on TechBlip:

    HTC have confirmed to us that they
  8. crobbulan

    crobbulan Member

    I am sure other Telus/Hero users are as frustrated as I am with the delays in shipping an update for the Hero that we bought over 7 months ago. I just spent 2 hours on the phone with 2nd and 3rd tier support at both Telus and HTC and got absolutely nowhere. Both blame each other (isn't that typical?) and can offer absolutely no tangible evidence that they are even working on this update. I suspect that with all the newer Android handsets coming out, updating the Hero is a low priority. So we remain with 1.5, missing out on the true promise of Android and it's evolving feature set.

    At the time I bought my Hero, I could have bought an iPhone and now, I wish I had made that choice.

    If you are considering doing business with either Telus or HTC (by way of purchasing one of their handsets), you should evaluate that decision carefully.

    Even in my obvious frustration, I am hopeful that one morning I will wake up to 2.1 (or even 2.2) and can move forward. Until then, I remain,

    Frustrated, Annoyed, and Cheated in Canada.

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