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When is the battery fully charged?General

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  1. mb236

    mb236 Well-Known Member

    I've noticed that when charging my phone overnight, the light will turn green like it is fully charged, but if I unplug it, and plug it back in the light is red again and can take 10-20 minutes to turn green again. It seems the phone doesn't agree with what it considers for the battery to be fully charged.

    Anyone else have this issue? Is it a software thing?

  2. attesan997

    attesan997 Member

    All the battery threads have been consolidated into mega threads. This issue is mentioned in those threads as well as some theories/solutions. Just wanted to give you a heads up before you get destroyed by folks that will tell you to use the search function.
  3. waterbourn

    waterbourn Member

    Turn your phone OFF and charge it at least 1-2 hours after the LED turns green. This dramatically improves my battery life and ensures it gets the full 100% charge.

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