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When is this phone supposed to be released?General

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  1. LgOptimusM

    LgOptimusM Guest


  2. benne13

    benne13 Active Member

  3. SLRdude

    SLRdude Well-Known Member

    I just got one today.

    sorry about the fuzzy photo, the S4 has been struggling with mixed office light.

  4. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    I just played with the phone and have to say... It's pretty nice! And much more comfortable in the hand then the Note 2...
  5. drrandall1

    drrandall1 Active Member

    Att doesn't have it. Its the 12th already. Weird.
  6. 05GT

    05GT Well-Known Member

    This phone had been available on ATT since Friday. And it's a great piece of tech.
  7. 05GT

    05GT Well-Known Member

    It definitely feels better in your hand. A lot easier to operate one handed.
  8. drrandall1

    drrandall1 Active Member

    This phone hasn't been released til 2 hours ago. Wasn't even available on att.com. Weird. Was supposed to be out the 10th. I like the G Pro over the S4. Gonna go check it out at Bestbuy tomorrow
  9. ericbeon

    ericbeon Well-Known Member

    Yea phones great ...really wanted to try something different besides apple,samsung or even HTC....and this really hit the spot....only thing is the home button is way to thin.....i have a little trouble pressing it....other then that LG made a great phone....wish we got two batterys and the dock like the korean variants...we always get the left out in America. ...i dont even think it came with headphones lol.....and no white version whats with that At&t.....really liked that white version.....but with all that bad....the phone stands alone and holds its own and makes up for it....price 199$ is great compared to other similar speced phones
  10. DroidDroan

    DroidDroan Member

    I just got the phone 5 days ago for 100 bucks on contract and I love it!!

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