When phone is inactive for a while, the touch screen stops working

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  1. tarheelalum

    tarheelalum Active Member

    Almost every day when I wake up I check my phone and 9 times out of 10 the touch screen does not work. I cannot make a call or check anything. I have to push a lot of buttons and take out the battery and generally wait a while before my expensive phone to start to work. Is there a fix for this? I've already had to go to sprit to do a hard reset because the phone got, "kicked off the network" for some reason the sprint people could not explain. Any solution for the screen issue?:confused:

  2. tatonka_Hero

    tatonka_Hero Well-Known Member

    Odd. It's not just locked, is it? Like, you don't have to just slide the lockscreen down? I've never had the touchscreen not work. I've had the light sensor not work, and the screen stay dark, but I think that's more of an error with Fresh than anything, because it only happens when I wake it up right as it's going to sleep.

    as for getting kicked off the network, try updating your profile and PRL. That seems to help a bit in situations like that.
  3. tarheelalum

    tarheelalum Active Member

    The screen does not work after it sits unused for maybe 5 hours. It is a regular occurrence and has been that way since day one. It will not let you roll down the screen because the touch screen just does not work period. Have you ever heard of this with anyone? Maybe my phone is just a lemon. That would explain why everybody loves theirs and mine has given me nothing but problems. I cannot even answer the phone in the mornings when it rings w/o pressing the green button. Any ideas?:confused:

    And when it got kicked off the network nothing worked whatsoever. I could not even make a phone call. I just got a bunch of pop up messages saying various programs did not work or were not responding. It was rendered useless.
  4. tarheelalum

    tarheelalum Active Member

  5. mlblack16

    mlblack16 Well-Known Member

    If mine has been asleep for several hours and then I try to hit menu and unlock, it sometimes doesn't want to respond, but it's because the phone apparently starts updating stuff (like the clock/weather widget) it doesn't do while it's asleep and gets bogged down. Once I give it enough time to catch up (like 30 sec or so) it is fine. Honestly, for random calls, I would rather the phone not sleep because it's near impossible sometimes to get the freaking screen to respond in time to answer. As most if us know, you don't get too many rings before going to voicemail...definitely not 30 sec worth.

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