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  1. OilburnerdDE

    OilburnerdDE Member

    Here is my first screen shot, and my Rezound battery life running on it's first charge of the extended battery. As you can see I am not a super user. (yet) but with 27% left, I can go at least three days of light use. I am good with that.


  2. gloriousnumber1

    gloriousnumber1 Well-Known Member

    How much data downloading/uploading are you using, with wifi, or the 3G/4G?
  3. OilburnerdDE

    OilburnerdDE Member

    Not sure how much data, mostly corporate email 50-75 a day, and then 4 other email accounts. Since I didn't have a holster. I left the phone at my desk, which I was away from for most of the week. Normally, I am always in a location with wifi, I live in on the edge of an lte area so it is 3g at home\home wifi.

    The battery is the 2750 mAH from verizon, 1/2 off sale. I was up to 3d 4h and 15 minutes and at 17% left when I finally plugged it in.

    My seidio surface case came in yesterday, so I am switching back to the stock battery. I will have to have to somehow shim\modify the extended cover in order for it to fit snug enough in the holster. It does fit and secure enough that it won't fall out, but it flops around a little to much for my liking.

    I did get up to 22 h with (IIRC) 40% left on my stock battery under the same usage. So for now I don't think the stock battery will be a concern. I can always plug it into my laptop, car, if need be.

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