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when someone call me or recive sms fron my contact, name of contact no apper only the nummberSupport

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  1. khaled.h

    khaled.h Member

    hello everybody

    i have problem when anyone call me , only nummber is apper without his name

    all my nummber have 0020 before the nummber ( key of egypt ) and if i remove the 0020 from the number the name apper agian,

    i can't remove all 0020 i have alot of contact

    in sms too

    so can any one help me fix this problem ?

  2. FelgY

    FelgY Member


    Try to change from 0020 to +20 in one contact. And then test if it solves.
    If so, I guess you don't have any other choice besides changing all.

    Although, you can sync your contacts with Google Contacts (if it's not already syncing) and export as a CSV file, and change all the entries with the "Find and Replace" (0020 -> +20) option of a regular text editor.

    Just be careful, as it can also replace phone numbers with "0020" in the middle.

  3. khaled.h

    khaled.h Member


    ok i will try and baaack sooooon

    thx for ur help :)
  4. khaled.h

    khaled.h Member

    soooooo bad

    i but it like +20 and no contact name apper too :(

    and i can't remvoe the +20 coz nearly i will be in KSA and i the nummbers most have +20 to call from anther countery
    i think there is something to do in setting but i cant find it

    i rest my phone aslo but it still without name oly nummber

    hope to find the slove
  5. FelgY

    FelgY Member

    That is really weird! I have all my contacts with international code and no problem... If you already tried to reset your X8, I guess you don't have other choice than waiting for the 2.1 upgrade! And then, maybe the problem go away...

    But you can always try to go to a SE service point, at least they get to know that the problem exists!
  6. khaled.h

    khaled.h Member

    so u have alla ur contact with the code too but work MMmmmm.....

    the problem with me , maybe i change some setting worngly

    sooooooooo cute , its big problem really

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