When will it be released? May! see the pre-order thread for breaking details (5/7)General

When can we get it!?

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  1. Before June

  2. First half of June

  3. Second half of June

  4. After June

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  1. BenChase7

    BenChase7 VIP Member VIP Member

    When do you guys think we can actually get our hands on this awesome phone?

  2. Sauske

    Sauske Well-Known Member

    If we get lucky late May! But my thought's are June 7 or 10....Sprint has this thing with Thursday's and Sunday's!:D
  3. Orion

    Orion Well-Known Member

    June 8th
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  4. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Yep, sometime close to the Evo anniversary.
  5. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member

    you all are missing the most important question...

    when will I get it??
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  6. SuperDave70

    SuperDave70 Well-Known Member

    Early June. That's when I'm due for an upgrade! :D
  7. Covert_Death

    Covert_Death Well-Known Member

    you will get it June 30th....

    everyone else will get it June 1st........ i'm feelin it! when the LTEVO was announced a few days ago sprint started advertising for MUCH lower deals on phones for the next 57 days... well 57 days after press release is may 31st and the next day is June 1st... it can't be coincidental right?
  8. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    I need two things - my last annual upgrade honored and for them to take my $150 upgrade credit on May 7. I have to go check my upgrade status, honestly, I have been afraid to... :D

    Anyway, I offered WifelyMon EL TEvo - after shaking her head, she told me to enjoy my new phone and to continue keeping my meat hooks off of her Shift. :D
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  9. Complex757

    Complex757 Well-Known Member

    I was wondering about this also. Will they allow us June people to pre-order in May.
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  10. PyroSporker

    PyroSporker Well-Known Member

    Yes. They let anyone pre-order, regardless of their upgrade status or when they are eligible for discounts. They could probably care less as long as they make the sale. (though in most cases they may look up your info to inform you what you will likely have to pay so things don't get screwy for either party).

    Upgrade status and discounts are determined and applied on the date of sale as opposed to the date of pre-order. Also, so no one else asks this, your next upgrade will be set from the date of final sale and not from the pre-order day - there are no shortcuts.

    Pre-orders start on May 7. The phone will probably release in the first weeks of June I'd imagine, depending on their summer road map. They aren't going to leave the bulk of their sales out in the cold (Evo 4G upgrades), especially since their long term future may depend on our loyalty. Even if they decide to release it before June, Sprint can re-write the rules and extend grace to early adopter Evo 4G users that want to upgrade. So if you are set for June and the phone comes out at the end of May, they can decide to bend their own rules if they choose.

    Sprint is usually decent about this stuff, and they treat customers pretty well, so no worries mate.
  11. Sauske

    Sauske Well-Known Member

    Add to what PyroSporker said, in addition to that you can upgrade now if you wanted to any phone. Sprint tactics are (which makes sense) they will allow to upgrade 3 months in advance prior to your contract expiring (keeping you from leaving) I.e. Sept 9th, you can start your from June 9th - Sept 9th! Iv'e been doing since 2004!:D
  12. themuffinman75

    themuffinman75 Well-Known Member

    I am going with June 3rd, which is the first sunday in june being that the og evo also came out on the first sunday in june a couple of years ago.
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  13. Orion

    Orion Well-Known Member

    OG EVO came out on Friday.
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  14. Sauske

    Sauske Well-Known Member

    ? That first, second, third Friday of the month!?

    The corresponding order of the first of June 2010 4th, then 11th and 18th
  15. Orion

    Orion Well-Known Member

    Yes, first Friday of the month.....June 4th.
  16. Sauske

    Sauske Well-Known Member

    Ok! Do you feel it will come out the first Friday of this June!? I talk to a Sprint rep (take with a .5 grain of salt) and he said he something like the 22nd of June!? My experience with rep, they are clueless! A female rep told me I should work for Sprint, because I know more than them!:D

    P.S....She made me feel good!:cool:
  17. Androidalltheway

    Androidalltheway Well-Known Member

    I just called Sprint and was asking about the Galaxy Nexus, he told me the evo lte is coming out before the Galaxy Nexus and will be released sometime in May. He was pretty confident about it being May, not June. I am guessing it will be released 2 weeks after pre order, so maybe the 21st or 22nd of May.
  18. Covert_Death

    Covert_Death Well-Known Member

    they sound confident because its their job to sound confident about whatever they tell you... they speak out there ass and have NO clue, they get their info from fan sites like this half the time so i highly doubt it'll come out that quick, especially before the nexus.

    he probably knew the pre-order date was may 7th and was just going off that.
  19. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    LOL...I'm pretty confident, those reps should be fired from Sprint!

    http://shop.sprint.com/mysprint/sho...700KIT&flow=AAL&isDeeplinked=true&id16= nexus

    hahahaha...They obviously weren't doing good research on their own products.
  20. themuffinman75

    themuffinman75 Well-Known Member

    I don't even know what the hell I was thinking when I typed that. Yes it came out on the 4TH so I say the first friday in june which is the 1st.
  21. tp2386

    tp2386 Well-Known Member

    My question is when will they let us know when the release date is?
  22. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    It'll likely be announced the day the 1st pre-orders can be made, which is May 7.
  23. NeoteriX

    NeoteriX Well-Known Member

    For the Evo 3D, BestBuy started taking "secret" preorders around May 3rd without a release date in sight.

    Sprint started officially taking preorders late May, May 21st, and still with no release date announcement.

    Finally, on June 6, 2011, Sprint officially announced that the HTC Evo 3D would be available on June 24, 2011.

    The fact that we already know the preorder date at the announcement of the LTEvo is already different than last year. So in other words, it's hard to predict from prior launches :)
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  24. Tommydaniel

    Tommydaniel Well-Known Member

  25. beavis39001

    beavis39001 Active Member

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