When your desire won't connect to home/work WiFi

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  1. OzFitzy

    OzFitzy New Member

    I had been tearing my hair out because my new HTC Desire couldn't see my home WiFi and yet occasionally it would "see" a weak signal from a neighbor's house.

    My Access point was running WEP so I changed it to WPA-SPK - still no good. So I also set up a second standalone WAP running WEP.
    Still couldn't see either WAP.

    Upgraded to latest ROM firmware. No difference.
    Long story short, it wasn't the type of security, it was because I was using Channel 13

    It suddenly occured to me that not all countries (I'm in Australia) have Channel 13 available so the phone might not have it either.

    THAT WAS IT!! Changed WAP from 13 to Channel 6 (although any other but 13 would no doubt work) and everything worked. [​IMG]

  2. proto

    proto New Member

    Thank you very much, I too was going crazy I could connect to my mates wifi but not mine, Then I found your post, Interestingly mine was set to channel 12, which appears to also give issues with this device.
  3. nx1977

    nx1977 Well-Known Member

    I'm running fine on ch13 here in the UK.

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