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  1. mrsooty

    mrsooty Member

    I just bought an HTC Desire X. It imported my contacts from my Sim, no worries. At some point I accidentally re-imported them, so they were all doubled up. Now, there's a function where you can remove double ups, but I didn't see that, so I thought I'd delete them and then re import them. But it seems I've deleted them off the sim - or have I?
    My contacts still appear as contacts when I go to call someone, but they don't show up under 'People' . If I try to import them in 'People' it doesn't see them on the Sim. If I take the Sim out, the contacts remain on the phone. How do I get these contacts into 'People', and how do I get them back on my Sim? The only way I can find is to go into each contact manually and 'save contact to sim', but that is going to take a long time!

  2. mrsooty

    mrsooty Member

    Never mind, I think what I'm seeing is my Facebook contacts. I will probably have to just accept the fact that I have deleted all the contacts that were on my Sim. D'oh!
  3. phlojo

    phlojo Well-Known Member

    It's easier to use a computer to go into your Google account and manage your Google contacts; just have the phone sync the contacts with Google and you're all set.

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