where are pictures stored on the phone?

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  1. andremike

    andremike Active Member

    Where are pictures from camera stored? Are they saved on internal storage or SD card? They seem like they are stored on internal storage.. how can I move them to sd card?

  2. Epicurean

    Epicurean Well-Known Member

    The phone's camera pictures are stored on the SD card under DCIM/Camera
  3. andremike

    andremike Active Member

    Ok thanks.... then why is my internal memory almost full? I don't have that many apps..
  4. Epicurean

    Epicurean Well-Known Member

    Press Menu > Settings > Manage Applications

    You will see a list of all your apps. Click the "All" button at top so you see all apps on your system. Then press the menu key and click "Sort by Size". Now you will see the biggest apps sorted first in the list.

    Click each of the big ones to either a) Uninstall, b) or "Move to USB storage" if it is an option, or c) Press return key to go to next app if you think the (probably huge) app is worth the space its taking up.
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  5. iviyth0s

    iviyth0s Member

    I know for a fact that the Facebook for Android app is ~55MB itself, so if you don't use that (honestly it's just as good as the mobile Facebook, and not as good as the full desktop version, which the Epic can run just fine) then you can uninstall it (assuming you're rooted and are running a powerful app manager like Titanium Backup)
  6. whitevivian

    whitevivian Member

    I also get it.

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