Where are the apps stored after "move apps to SD"?

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  1. Maeks

    Maeks New Member


    I have a rooted HTC Hero, and I was, until a couple of days ago, running MoDaCos 1.6 ROM.

    I decided, (foolishly perhaps?) to try to move my apps to the SD card. I partitioned the Sdcard using Amon Ra's boot recovery screen and all went fine. I then used the option "move apps to SD" also included in the boot recovery. I am now using Froyd Villain's newest froyo ROM, and all the apps are working fine but the apps aren't on the phone, and they aren't on the ext- partition of my sdcard, so i come to the conclution that they must be on the fat 32 partition, but how the heck do i access them?

    Neither the phone nor my computer can access the fat32 pertition of my sdcard.

    The problem being that I've just bought a larger sdcard, and I want to transfer all my apps to that card, but I can't since I can't even locate the files.
    I have tried backing up all the aplications using titanium backup, but the phone won't boot without the sdcard, so i cant import them onto the new card.

    Any suggestions?

  2. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Pre-Froyo, apps could only be installed on a separate EXT partiton using apps2sd. They can be found in /system/sd/app (or app-private). With Froyo, apps can now be installed on the normal FAT32 partition in the .android_secure folder.

    I'm not sure where the "move apps to SD" recovery option actually moves them to; with apps2sd-enabled ROMs such as MoDaCo the move to EXT is automatic on first boot if an EXT partition is recognised.

    Note that, when you mount the device on a PC as a removable disk, it is only the FAT32 partition that is shown.
  3. Maeks

    Maeks New Member


    The /system/sd folder is empty and the only place where I can find any apps at all is in the /system/app folder, where all the stock apps, such as calculator, camera, calendar, etc. are found. When i go into settings/sdcard and storage it says that the total space on the card is 1.33 GB, where before it always said ~2GB. My conclusion is that the phone only accounts for the fat32 partition, but how can I access the rest of the memory card?

    Is my only option to wipe the whole phone? Because that would really be a pain.
  4. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42 Moderator

    You could always back up all your apps + app data with titanium backup and start afresh. That way you could re-partition your card to get the space back, without worrying about losing your apps.

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