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Where are the notification settings??

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  1. Lycosa

    Lycosa Member

    Hi quick question, where are the settings for the SMS notifications, since i have a new app and dont need the LED to blink with new text messages anymore, where do i go to turn the notification LED for new text messages off?

  2. Mythic

    Mythic Well-Known Member

    if you are talking about the stock messenger then open up messages hit menu/settings then un-check received notification...
  3. kurpiewski

    kurpiewski Member

    go to messages and press menu button and all your settings are there
  4. lacoste_rocker

    lacoste_rocker Well-Known Member

    This is the easiest way.
  5. Mythic

    Mythic Well-Known Member

    yeah what they said....
  6. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    from what I understood the led notification settings are elsewhere.

    if I remember correctly...

    from home screen
    menu.settings.display.notification flash uncheck what you don't want a flashing notification for.

    I don't have the aria on me right now, and you may very well find access to these settings from both locations
  7. AndrewAmazed

    AndrewAmazed Active Member

    Yep. this is what I usually do.

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