Where are the roms?

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  1. djthebogan

    djthebogan Well-Known Member

    I've got an ov and want a bigger screen. Imo this phone seems better than the other prepaid options like the triumph, which I'm sort of afraid of. I also would like to try a GSM network so I can have an sim card like every other country. T mobile is my only real option I believe, 46040 is my zip. I love the way this phone feels but what's up with the low Res cameras and where are the roms? Are there no devs using prepaid service?

  2. bradhoschar

    bradhoschar Well-Known Member

    My buddy just got this phone and he wants me to dev on it, so Im gonna tackle tonight for a while....let you know what happens!
  3. bpear96

    bpear96 New Member

  4. frank111

    frank111 Member

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