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where can I get these image files

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  1. wangsuya

    wangsuya New Member This Topic's Starter

    Feb 18, 2010
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    Hello everyone

    I downloaded andrioid and I follow instrument try to start emulator in windowXP PC but it say follow message. Where can I get these images files. Thanks in advance.

    The minimal required image files are the following:
    kernel-qemu the emulator-specific Linux kernel image
    ramdisk.img the ramdisk image used to boot the system
    system.img the *initial* system image
    userdata.img the *initial* data partition image
    It will also use the following writable image files:
    userdata-qemu.img the persistent data partition image
    system-qemu.img an *optional* persistent system image
    cache.img an *optional* cache partition image
    sdcard.img an *optional* SD Card partition image
    If you use a virtual device, its content directory should store
    all writable images, and read-only ones will be found from the
    corresponding platform/add-on directories. See -help-sdk-images
    for more details.


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