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  1. Henweigh

    Henweigh Well-Known Member

    Hey, so I bought the Fascinate a few days ago. Not at all happy about the Bing stuff, but whatever, the pros of the phone outway the Bing-ness for me.

    My question is this: I removed the Bing app and the Bing Maps app from my home screen by dragging them to the trash on the bottom of the screen. The Bing app remains under my full list of applications, where I expected it to be, as I understand that it's not removable from the phone altogether. However, now that I've dragged Bing Maps to the trash off my home screen, I can't find it again anywhere on my phone, it's not like next to Bing on my Apps menu or anything. I don't think I'll ever want to use it, but one day I MAY, and aside from that, it's just bugging me real bad that something just "disappeared" off my phone.

    Can someone tell me where I can find Bing Maps again or what happened? Was it actually an app, or just a bookmark or something? It was there from the moment the VZW clerk turned on and set up my phone.

  2. NOsquid

    NOsquid Well-Known Member

    Im not sure if it was just a shortcut or where it went. I'd just download google maps from the market and forget about it :)
  3. Henweigh

    Henweigh Well-Known Member

    I'd still really like to know what happened. Did EVERYONE'S Fascinate come with Bing Maps on the 2nd home screen to the left, and did everyone drag it into trash and it's just gone gone gone? What's up with that? I can't find it under my apps, in the marketplace, and can't find a way to make a bookmark out of it from Bing. Again, doubt I want it, but it's really bothering me that it's disappeared.

    As for the above comment, already done :) At least, I THINK. I believe the clerk at the store downloaded it for me. Is the app simply called Maps and has like a map with a blue dot in the upper left corner?

    If that's the Google Maps app, 2 quick questions about it
    -Whenever I open the app, it displays the last place I searched for. How do you get it to revert to your current location?
    -I don't ever plan on using VZ Navigator, but what is the Navigation App? This is also only displaying the last place I searched for as opposed to current location. How do I get it to show where I am?
  4. NOsquid

    NOsquid Well-Known Member

    One of the buttons at the top is for my location. It should get you close but most fascinates have gps problems.
  5. Henweigh

    Henweigh Well-Known Member

    Ok, so I just went back to the store to ask them about this issue. The clerk was slightly confused, and after going all through my phone, he couldn't find out how to get Bing Maps app back either. He wasn't even really aware of the widget, but checked a brand new phone at the store, and there it was on one of the home screens. His only suggestion was that perhaps after installing Google Maps, that the phone had made that the default maps app and kind of pushed the Bing Maps app off the phone. Doesn't make that much sense to me; kind of, but that sounds weird. I know I had them both installed for a short time, but like I said, I dragged the Bing Maps app off the home screen into the trash and that was the last I saw of it. If anyone else has any more insight into this, it'd be greatly appreciated.
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  6. maddfrog

    maddfrog New Member

    I just happened to see this forum while looking for a solution to the same problem. After awhile I just downloaded Google Maps (which IMO is much better, more info and better presentation) and thought nothing of it until today. There is a simple and easy way to get to Bing Map shortcut if you delete it.

    It's located in the "Shortcuts" option of "Add to Home screen." Hope this helps other people out there that have or will face this problem in the future.

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