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Where did Google Maps "search nearby" go?

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  1. k3davis

    k3davis Member

    I have a lovely ancient Droid 2 Global with the latest Google Maps for this device available (6.14.1).

    It used to be that when I selected a location on the map, I could go to a "more info" type screen where I had several options, such as looking at Street View and sometimes the store hours/ratings, etc. as well as a "search nearby" option.

    Now (and for a while now) I get a redesigned page - perhaps it's a Google+ page? - that has some of that same info, but the "search nearby" can no longer be found.

    Is it no longer possible to "search nearby" a specific address/POI on the map (NOT the location I currently am)?

  2. k3davis

    k3davis Member

    You don't say.
  3. davidmanvell

    davidmanvell Well-Known Member

    Yes its built in. Just state where you want to search as well as what you want to search for.

    For example:

    Search on "Outback Steakhouse, Dover DE" and it will show all the Outback Steakhouses near Dover Delaware. If you leave off the where it defaults to near your current location.

    Can do a search for "Safeway 22191" will show you all the Safeways in Woodbridge, VA (the zipcode for Woodbridge, VA is 22191).
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  4. k3davis

    k3davis Member

    You're right, this does work.

    I used to find the address on the map, click on it, and click "search nearby". Now I need to find the address on the map (because I know the place name, not necessarily the address), then manually add words to the search box, eg. "grocery near " + the address.

    I often search for places near a specific address, so it seems a step backwards. But at least I can do it - thanks for the response.
  5. newbie4

    newbie4 Well-Known Member

    k3davis never really used but the features seems much improved the instructor can comment but you just type grocery Miami and done seems easier. I would like to save all these tips of maps usage.

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