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where do pdf files get saved to?Support

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  1. starmandell

    starmandell Member


    i was wondering where do pdf files get saved to? i downloaded attachments from my email but cant seem to find them anywhere. i went to my files/sd card but see no pdfs or gmail or google.

    is there an easier way to browse and access my pdf files?

    thank you

  2. valorian

    valorian Well-Known Member

    Download a file manager like ES File Explorer. Any PDFs I've ever downloaded get saved on the SD card. Which email app are you using? There may be a setting to choose where downloaded files get saved in the email app.
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  3. Shotgun84

    Shotgun84 Well-Known Member

    There shouldn't be any need to download a different file manager, well not for this purpose anyway. If you open the my files app then sdcard/Download they should be there. Don't go for the downloads folder though that will probably be empty
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  4. jcmtyler

    jcmtyler Well-Known Member

    There should be an app preinstalled called Downloads. Open that and click the "Other Downloads" tab and you should see them.
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  5. Shotgun84

    Shotgun84 Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah, I never took different browser variations into account. That's why downloads has always been empty for me as I never use the stock browser. I'll be in some variation of download/s
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