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  1. rcliff

    rcliff Member

    Where is the "Battery usage" meter that is usually in Setting->About Phone on other Android devices? This would seem to be quite useful in trying to determine why the battery life is so pathetic on this device.

  2. droidnut

    droidnut Well-Known Member

    Well if you just download battery widget from the market, you could follow how decent it is once you condition the battery. ;)

    My wife gets 30+ hrs per charge...not too pathetic.
  3. rcliff

    rcliff Member

    I have that widget but it just gives a single % number. I was referring to the built in "Battery Usage" that shows the breakdown by different functions ie. % display, % radio, % wifi, % standby, etc
  4. ghostwriter

    ghostwriter Member

    I believe that's a feature of Android OS 2.0 and not in 1.5.
  5. rcliff

    rcliff Member

    Tmobile MyTouch 3g has it and that on 1.5 I believe.
  6. Actually I think it might have been added into 1.6, which is why the MyTouch 3G has it (it got the Donut update a little while back). Not positive on that though, but makes sense.
  7. rcliff

    rcliff Member

    That does makes sense. I thought the mytouch had 1.5 when I had it but maybe it was actually 1.6 because it definitely had the battery usage meter. It's too bad this device does not because it would surely shed some light on what's killing the battery.

    I get about half the time of what I get on my storm2 with comparable usage.

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