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Where is Jelly Bean?General

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  1. Nutz

    Nutz Well-Known Member

    Why is Jelly Bean taking an eternity to appear on the TF201? Are their specific hardware issues?

  2. andygu3

    andygu3 Well-Known Member

    My guess is that the Prime won't get it anytime soon and I'm not sure if it's necessarily up to Asus but it's google making that decision of when we get JB
  3. sikclown

    sikclown Well-Known Member

    I am pretty sure it is actually Asus making that decision. Google releases JB to the manufacturers and then they do their thing with it i.e. customization, drivers, etc. Asus is probably holding back the Prime upgrade to concentrate on newer hardware with JB. They want us to buy a new tablet with JB rather than keep our older one that already received an upgrade to ICS. No money in it for them to upgrade us.

    KENNECTED Well-Known Member

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  5. andygu3

    andygu3 Well-Known Member

    Yea, this topic is the nature of every phone and tablet. Will we or won't we receive the update, I guess that's why rooting makes these type of conversations pointless;)
  6. Zebulon

    Zebulon Well-Known Member

    That is entirely incorrect. Asus has already stated that the Prime WILL get JB, and that the Prime will be the next device that they will release the update for. On top of that, since Android is open-source software, Google has almost no say whatsoever in when companies release software updates. The make the code available to the general public, and then companies can do as they wish with it.

    Also, to the OP: settle down. It's only been two months since JB was even announced. Things take time, and two months is hardly an eternity.

    Asus is in a bit of a bind here. So far they have released several firmware updates for the TF201 that have been a bit rushed and buggy, so they are apparently trying to be thorough with this update, which is taking a while (but not that long, by the way; there are only three or four devices in the world at this point that are running JB officially) and people are getting impatient. Personally, I would rather have them take an extra month to totally test out and polish the update before they send it out.

    Also, as I have mentioned a dozen times before, if you really cared that much about getting Jelly Bean on your Prime, you could have done it almost two months ago. There are a number of AOSP-based JB ROMs available for the Prime. Personally, I use Baked Black Bean, and it's fantastic for the most part.

    Android isn't for everybody. If you are that worried about being able to upgrade immediately, then maybe you should buy an iPad and pay $100 more for 50% of the functionality.
  7. davidchsw

    davidchsw Well-Known Member

    My sons 300 got Jellybean today.
  8. andygu3

    andygu3 Well-Known Member

    Very true, android isn't for everyone, that's for sure
  9. Treknologist

    Treknologist Well-Known Member

  10. jcdub

    jcdub Well-Known Member

    I bought my TF201 in the US, but living in Ireland. So will I receive it on the US timeframe or European / Ireland timeframe?

  11. Netherdragon

    Netherdragon Well-Known Member

    yay for initial rollout of this. So looking forward to project butter.

    my question is though, when the 4.1 update is applied will the stock browser be removed completely?

    for me that streams videos through video players such as gorilla vid and novamov its the browser most likely to work with flash most of the time.

    can anyone comment on how 4.1 works with other browsers in this case with flash on any streaming players like this?
  12. Oblig

    Oblig Well-Known Member

    I am in the UK and nothing here yet.
  13. Treknologist

    Treknologist Well-Known Member

    I've been checking the XDA official ASUS thread for more info but nothing new has been posted yet.
  14. Treknologist

    Treknologist Well-Known Member

    In 48 hours we'll have the update based on the XDA post. :)
  15. Tman5293

    Tman5293 Well-Known Member

    Just want to let everyone know that the 4.1.1 Jelly Bean update is now live in the US. I just checked for the update not even 6 hours ago and was not available. However, it is now. I just received it here in Texas.

    I'm really enjoying it! Having fun playing around with Google Now and voice search. Very cool app.

    EDIT: I just thought I add that long pressing the home button no longer takes screen shots. Now when you long press the home button, it opens Google Now. To take screenshots you have to long press the Recent Apps button.

    Here's proof of the update:

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  16. Netherdragon

    Netherdragon Well-Known Member

    nice one, going to be downloading this when I get in if its available in the UK.

    If anyone can confirm its out in the UK I will be grateful.

    Also how is project butter working on the prime? much of an improvement?
  17. Tman5293

    Tman5293 Well-Known Member

    It's a huge improvement over ICS. All of my apps open instantly. They also threw in some nice window animations for opening and closing apps.
  18. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

  19. zflamewing

    zflamewing Well-Known Member

    Mine is installing the update now. I'm in the ATL.
  20. jcdub

    jcdub Well-Known Member

    Just received the update here in Ireland :-D , although I originally bought many prime in the US.
    About to install it, let you know how it goes.
  21. Netherdragon

    Netherdragon Well-Known Member

    nice really can't wait, just one more question does this actually remove flash completely? or is it just the stock browser that takes the hit.

    KENNECTED Well-Known Member

    Downloading now!! Yippie!!
  23. Rafael

    Rafael Well-Known Member

    Install failed here. Wish I knew what the problem is.
    My Prime has been the most unstable computer I have ever owned.......in a very long list. Was hoping JB would give me some help.
  24. zflamewing

    zflamewing Well-Known Member

    First time I tried to update I got a failure. I rebooted and tried again and it processed successfully.
  25. jcdub

    jcdub Well-Known Member

    Flash is still there. Elite gp app won't open now.uninstalled and reinstalled again, still the same. Had to reinstall film online again too. Well know more when I get to play with it a little more.

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