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Where is overclock kernel for lg optimus 3d? Also where is official 2.3 update?Support

  1. Heshman

    Heshman New Member


  2. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    You guys should see gingbread next month I'm assuming. It was suppose to be released this month but instead the 3D converter was released. Its a shame that this O3D/Thrill is their flagship phone and its running an old OS. Their new LG doubletake is coming out with 2.3 and that's a low-medium end phone.
  3. Cave

    Cave Member

    I have an oc kernal

    Its avaleable over on xda forums
  4. Cave

    Cave Member

    If you change your update tool to think you are in germany then you can update to v21a euroopen
  5. I told it I was in the UK (I'm in Scotland) and it didn't complain.

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