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Where is Photos stored in Internal Phone memorySupport

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  1. hurtled

    hurtled New Member

    Hi All,

    This is my First Post here.

    I have a Lenovo Ideapad A1 07" Tablet 16 GB version. I had taken lots of Photos from it. The Photos are stored in the Internal Phone Memory. Now I want to back up the phone data so that I can Update the Phone to ICS or Jelly Bean.

    Now I have 2 problems.

    1. When I connect the phone to the Laptop( Lenovo Idepad Z570, Windows 7 Home Basic), I get a message saying that the usb device malfunctioned. I tried to download and the usb drivers from the lenovo site, there I found some driver saying it is for XP and nothing was there for Win7, after installing it, tried again, and agian, but no luck, Still I get the same USB Device Malfunctioned.

    2. Where are the Photos taken from the camera stored? I looked in all folders (Using Search function of Astro File Manager, File Explorer and one more app) nothing turned up. But the gallery lists the Photos. These are much needed photos, now I need to copy them to External SD card. Where the hell are the photos stored :confused: :confused: :confused: I tried many apps, but still I am not able to find them.

    I need a suggestion, Can I update the Tablet to Jelly Bean? I have never tried Flashing ROM before, and I am eager to do it, are there any Custom ROMs that work with the Tablet, if there are none, I will go with the lenovo supplied ICS ROM.

  2. txrose72

    txrose72 Well-Known Member

    Here is the link to Rom changes for the A1.

    1. Drivers aren't needed for Win 7. The internal and external SD card memory's were displayed separately in the computer when I got the A1 last year. After the 2643 OTA upgrade only the external SD Card will display in Windows Explorer. A File manager on the A1 is required to move files/folders between the internal SD Card and external SD Card. I use Astro File Manager which also has a good Backup App which saves the Apps with their name in an installable format. If the External SD Card is removed the computer will display the internal SD Card memory.

    2 The camera pix, front and rear are saved in the internal SD Card in DCIM/Camera folders.

    I've had my A1 for over a year and lost it to my Wife where it replaced her Kindle because of it's backlit screen which makes it easer to read in low light conditions. IMO the 2.3 in the A1 provides good performance and app compatibility with nothing to be gained by moving to ICS or JB. I got a 7" Tab with ICS with a dual processor which works fine but not enough better to justify replacing the A1 if I hadn't lost it.
  3. hurtled

    hurtled New Member

    Thanks for the reply.

    1. I tried several times but Still the PC does not show anything. I just get the usb device malfunctioned error message.

    2. The "Internal SD card ->DCIM->Camera" Folder is empty! But Photos "are" there in some folder which I am not able to find. Do I need to root it? :(
  4. txrose72

    txrose72 Well-Known Member

    I haven't rooted mine. Which file manager are you using to view the files on your A1? Do you have an external SD card? Astro File Manager or ES File Explorer are both good and free from Google Play. If you have an external SD Card see it it has a DCIM folder which may have the pictures. All devices and cameras I have seen use the DCIM name for the folder the still pictures (but sometimes not videos) are put in. If you have an Ext SD card you can move files to/from the internal SD card to the ext SD card and then remove the ext SD card and read/write to it using your computer. Be sure and power down the A1 before removing and installing the SD card. The SD card is difficult to remove from my A1 but doable. You can use the A1 while the ext SD card is out and could test the USB then.

    IMO either the A1 or computer has a problem which prevents the USB from working. You could try connecting to another computer and if it isn't the computer reset the A1. To reset the A1 start by turning it completely off by using Power off activated by holding the on switch on for one second when the A1 is on. When completely off momentarily pressing the On switch will not turn the A1 on. Press and hold the volume up switch followed by pressing the On switch and hold both down until the screen shows the word Lenovo. Then release both switches and wait until the menu appears. Use the volume switch to select the Reset option (do not select the restore option) and press the On switch. The A1 will reset and will take up to several minutes until all apps are operational and the external SD card is functional. You will notice that there is an option in that menu to recalibrate the touch screen which you may want to do occasionally. If this doesn't work and the computer has been eliminated as the problem the final thing to try is to restore the tablet. This removes all settings and Apps and restores the internal SD card to the factory state. It shouldn't erase the ext SD card but you may want to remove it to be sure. The backup you need to do before the restore is a pain but that is another discussion. You can use the method described above or in Settings under Privacy settings is also the Factory data reset.
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