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Where is the driver for a usb stick FOR the Iconia A200 tabletSupport

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  1. addict4bingo

    addict4bingo New Member

    I have an Iconia A200 tablet. The connection worked for computer BUT not the USB stick. Where the heck are the drivers and how do I install please? Not to tech please and I am 64 so still learning lol, I know PC's but not android. Have tried for a week now. PLEASE HELP.
    Thank you
    btw not sure if USB is fat.....it is a Lear tho.

  2. csrow

    csrow Active Member

    The driver is built-in. Once you plug in your USB drive, use any of the file manager apps to navigate to /mnt/usb_storage. There, you will find the files on the USB drive.

    If you are running Jelly Bean (CM10), the drive will also show up under /storage/usbdisk0.
  3. addict4bingo

    addict4bingo New Member

    Got it working thank you for your help. Now ready to post other question lol. Thank you again.

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