Where Is The Enter Key Gone ! Plz Help!Support

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  1. kitu34

    kitu34 Active Member

    Hi Folks ! I am using LG500. I dont know where my enter key or next line key has disappeared,but the strange thing is it is there to use when i am online.
    No one on earth seems to have an answer to this,so any help would be appreciated deepely. Thanks.

  2. TheParadox

    TheParadox Well-Known Member

    Its not on mine while sending texts.just install go keyboard.
  3. kitu34

    kitu34 Active Member

    I have already installed that,using keyboard for gingerbread but then i have to install a messaging app like handcent or go sms coz even with the new keyboard i cannot use stock messaging app.Everywhere else enter key is visible.
    I dont want these big size sms apps,for the time being using Pansi without private box but even that runs in the background and i am removing some background apps to save battery.
    This is a Andrroid forum but still no one seems to know about this.

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