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  1. Dannysc213

    Dannysc213 Active Member

    I just got a new Eris from Verizon today and flashed 2.1 again on it and I can't find the news/weather in the market. I flashed the latest leak. Does anyone know where to get it. I had it before and thought it was in the market. Thanks guys. I also did a search for the .apk you would think Google would put there products at the top of the page!

  2. BlueDC2

    BlueDC2 Well-Known Member

    Dude, you should have rooted!
  3. eriscentro

    eriscentro Well-Known Member

    Ahh! Almost everyone here would want to getting a new eris so they could root it! Anyway, the news and weather app does not come with the Eris, I happen to remember that it was leaked from an N1 and put up on one of the forums. I may still have the .apk. If I do, I'll upload it and post thelink

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  4. Baldguy

    Baldguy Well-Known Member

    I have the link...shoot me a message and I will give you the link.
  5. DawnGP143

    DawnGP143 Well-Known Member

    Can someone just go ahead and post the link? So long as it's not a paid app, you're not violating anything right?
  6. Baldguy

    Baldguy Well-Known Member

    Yo Danny..you cant receive pm's..Let me know when you fix it and I will shoot you the link.
  7. Baldguy

    Baldguy Well-Known Member

  8. DawnGP143

    DawnGP143 Well-Known Member

  9. I think you guys might be talking about the Genie weather app. I'm not sure the link posted was that. Search Google for a link.
  10. Chopstick2U

    Chopstick2U Well-Known Member

    That widget works on 1.5. I had it installed, but I never liked it much.
  11. phantom1969

    phantom1969 Member

    Thanks Baldguy

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