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  1. jondrew

    jondrew Member

    Turning the wireless hotspot on requires digging though several of the settings menus ( settings>wireless and network>tethering and portable hotspot). One day, though no doing of my own that I know of, an icon for the hotspot appeared in my applications screen. I was able to drag this icon onto my main screen and the activate the hotspot directly without going through the setting menu. I recently had to reset my phone to factory condition and now I can't find that icon for the hotspot. Any ideas?

  2. mac1679

    mac1679 Well-Known Member

    I don't have it in my applications either, but I do remember a shortcut for something like that when I first got my phone.

    Instead of adding it as an "app" you can add it as a "shortcut".

    Long press on the home screen -> Shortcuts -> Settings -> WiFi Hotspot or Wifi Settings

    This will add the icon to your homepage. Hope this solves your issue.
  3. NML

    NML New Member

    You could try loading up the "Power Controls" app by Painless Death from the Play store. It's a free widget you can customize that loads up in your notifications area. You can add a shortcut to turn on and off Wi-Fi hotspots there.
  4. jondrew

    jondrew Member

    Close, but no cigar. I can shortcut to settings, but not to wireless>hotspot.

    It's weird, almost like someone is intentionally hiding the hotspot cheese. But thanks anyway.
  5. dklynn

    dklynn New Member

    Did u get an answer yet?? Inquiring minds want to know!
  6. gbgood

    gbgood New Member

    I have the same exact issue. For me to turn on the hotspot is very tedious

    Think this maybe a Samsung thing as my HTC did not have this issue. I only wish Android phones would be as easy to use as ios ones.

    So any answer on how to create a shortcut to hotspot?
  7. james27007

    james27007 Look into my Eye VIP Member

    My wife's Skyrocket is updated to the most current (Oct 25th update) version of ICS, so I do not know if it matters, but to get the shortcut on her homescreen I did:

    1. Long press on home screen
    2. Selected the green arrow that said shortcuts
    3. Selected the gear that said settings shortcut
    4. Scrolled down to the bottom and seleced the phone with blue waves on the side that says Wi-Fi Hotspot.

    Pictures attached!

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